Friday, 11 July 2008

MasterM and the Giraffe Costume

You have all been wonderful friends
over the past two weeks
and as a (dubious) treat
I thought I would share a glimpse
into the life of a teenager.

MasterM was invited to a Circus Party
after his exams finished.
He was told to come as a Giraffe.
So he did.
As you do.

Yesterday I was tidying his room
(don't ask why - just accept that I was)
and guess what I found?
His HOMEMADE Giraffe Costume
- this blog is almost a Craft blog these days! -

He tells me that he went with his friend the Bear
and because they were staying overnight
the Bear just slept in his Bear suit.
MasterM found a cast-off Horse suit
and slept in that with his feet in the head.

No pictures of that - alas!


Becca said...

What a very clever costume! Catching up on all your posts and enjoying a wonderful evening revisiting your blog!

Mama de Saga said...

And that my dear is why you do not look through a teenager's room. What a clever boy you have!

bluemountainsmary said...

Good grief!

Lynn said...

Guffawing here. Waking up the household.

Ali said...

Need to make giraffe costume straight away!

But isn't that horse's head thing a touch too 'Godfather' for comfort?

MrM said...

I should add that we made a visit to Sicily on the back of MasterM being given the Godfather trilogy for Christmas. Seemed as good a reason as any other

anne bebbington said...

Love the written comments on the costume - very inventive

MrM said...

In Italy I am sure that it would have a Cor ! Leone costume rather than a giraffe get-up. Might explain why MasterM's head has been slightly in the clouds recently though ;-)

Fairlie said...

My brother once dressed up as a giraffe. It is the most infamous of my Mum's costume creations! I blogged about it once...if I can find the link I'll email it to you.

Curlew Country said...

Very, very good. I dread the having-to-clean-a-teenage-boy's- bedroom-days that lurk on the horizon. As long as nothing is actually growing in there I hope I'll be ok with the mess!

Sarah S. said...

Very clever. How do they think up these things?

Tutta la Storia said...

Thank goodness I have twn+ years before I am cleaning up my then to be teenage boy's room. But you have to give it to him for creativity!