Saturday, 10 November 2007

Shades of Brown

November walks on woodland paths.

A time for quiet

and pleasure in the last bright leaves.

amber, sepia, ochre, siena,

mahogany, russet, copper

Who knew that there were so many exotic words for brown?


Liz said...

Shades of brown for me has always meant caramel, chocolate, toast and coffee. Hmmm. Do I detect a theme?

blackbird said...

It's my favorite time.

Tracy said...

Oh, so lovely...Happy weekend ((HUGS))

bluemountainsmary said...

Last year I spent a week in London and went for a walk with a friend and her friends in deepest Surrey. It was a cold sunny day, there were squirrels, dogs barking, a lady on horseback, other trampers and leaves in all the colours you have described.

Followed by a very yummy pub lunch.

Thank you for bring back a lovely memory.