Monday, 26 May 2008

Reader - we ate them!

MasterM amused us greatly at supper
by recounting the following anecdote:

He was introduced to some prospective parents
who were being shown around the school
by one of his friends R from the Rugby team.

The parents thought that they recognised MasterM
- did he live in South West London? -
"No..." he replied.
They were still sure that they recognised him
(perhaps they read this blog)

Friend R " I expect you saw him on Crimewatch"
MasterM "No, it was probably Baywatch".

Every school report that we have had about MasterM
has referred to his dry sense of humour.
There are worse ways to make your mark in a school.


blackbird said...


Oh. The carnage.

Sarah S. said...

I am glad to see that they got eaten. Oh that dosn't sound right does it?

alice said...

Bye bye bunny, bunny bye bye...

Florence said...

Thank goodness...people capable of having uneaten chocolate in their house always make me feel slightly uneasy.


anne bebbington said...

That boy of yours is getting wittier by the minute - an excellent trait in a man (in waiting)

Liz said...

You did what???????

monica said...

I love chocolate rabbits.

Nr 2 made himself known on his first week of reception by weeing against the playground fence.

I'd rather he'd used his sense of humour in a different way.

Tutta la Storia said...

What a tasty demise!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... smart mouth syndrome. My son is similarly afflicted. I have no idea where it may have come from...