Tuesday 29 July 2008

Château de Bessonies

If you drive through the woods of Lot
you will eventually arrive at the Château de Bessonies.

Madame will greet you and show you
to your delightful and comfortable room.

Every surface is covered with charming things
to admire and enjoy.

It seems incredible that in 2001
the Château was a ruin with trees in the salon.

Madame and her son have restored it themselves
and it is impossible to talk to Madame
without being inspired by her restless energy and enthusiasm.

Tonight we will dine in the salle á manger
sitting on the gold chairs.
The dinner will be simple, delicious home-made food.

Tomorrow, the church bells will wake us
and we will linger over freshly baked cake and hot coffee
under the umbrellas on the terrace.

Eventually we must leave
but we promise Madame that we will return.

And so we will,
but I suspect that next time
it will be even more difficult to leave.

Nobody warned us
that it is an enchanted castle in the woods
and that it is very easy to become spell bound.


blackbird said...


Anonymous said...

How I enjoyed these last 3 posts. You words and images are truly beautiful. Thank you.

Melody said...

Ditto blackbird. I wouldn't want to leave either...

Ginnie said...

Oh, how beautiful! We stayed in a gorgeous old mansion in Normandy 10 years ago - what a treat.

I've missed out on so much these last couple of months being sidetracked. Now I must catch up!

kris said...

I'm so jealous I could spew! Gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing - you just made my day.

Gina said...

Wow! No wonder you didn't want to leave.

trash said...

Methinks Madame may be a witch! Perhaps my mother has a French side of the family?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous - especially the last picture of the door

Anonymous said...

shades of Le Grand Magpie perhaps ?

dottycookie said...

Good Lord. I wonder if it's too late to change our holiday plans ...

fifi said...

I can not go to france right now, but France has come to me.

Paris has come in fact. In the form of Camille, whi laughs very beautifully

at all my French!

I will go to that Chataeu, perhaps it is in the Bois de la Belle qui Dormir?

fifi said...

and after that i will get me some typing lessons.

Anonymous said...

How beauriful. It makes me want to go there myself. I would not want to leave either. I am very jealous.

Lynn said...

Lovely, evocative, wonderful. Almost like being there. Well, sort of.

Welcome home!

silverpebble said...

Beautiful - very envious of your stay - it looks like a gorgeous place. I particularly like the look of that terrace - so pretty.

kristina said...

Oh...my...gosh! I've never stayed anywhere so amazing. I'm lost for words! K x

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

I am in love! I'm going to stay there someday - I mean it!

Mary said...

Enjoying this through your eyes was so much better that a Cote Est magazine! Your photos are gorgeous - all those pools of sunlight and muted colours!