Friday 3 July 2009

Written Memory

'...that we might be able to love
what our understanding has seen
and what our memory has held.'

St. Catherine of Siena (c1347-80)

I have spent the weekend in the quiet heart of the countryside at the cottage that we visit every year at this time. We did the same things that we do every year and rested for a short while from the demands of our everyday lives.

It gave me a chance to reflect and I realised that, for the moment, I have written everything that I want to write here.

It is a memory of childhood written for my children and offered with my love. It is not complete but it is enough.

The cottage windows look out over orchard and meadow and woods. In the distance there are the constant sounds of woodpigeons and blackbirds but, near by, in the grass and hedges, the magpies chattered noisily to each other. It made me smile to see them as they bustled around.

I would like to thank you all for your friendship. Your emails and comments have made the blog so much more than I anticipated and your encouragement and advice has always helped me to see the way forward.

I hope that you will smile whenever you see a magpie and think of us: MrM, MasterM, MissM and MrsM.