Wednesday 2 July 2008

Desperate Housework

Are you afraid of your ironing pile?

Take it to a very high place
and wait for the next gust of wind.


Melody said...


I'm a great believer of the best iron is your back.

blackbird said...

I find ironing very fulfilling.

Unknown said...

You are seriously bonkers woman - how the devil I would get myself up there never mind the basket of clothes is beyond me :o) Not to mention of course that knowing my luck the wind would drop just at the vital moment!

Marmadaisy said...

There's no adrenaline rush like extreme ironing!

tess said...

problem is I'd need a huge crane to lift my ironing pile! I'm hoping for a decent tennis match if it stops raining at wimbledon (it's nice here!) and then I'll tackle it!

dottycookie said...

And again, I fear I am some sort of domestic freak. I like ironing, though I have to admit it's mainly an excuse to watch rubbish TV.

Dani said...

Funny. Veeeeery funny.

Darn. With as much ironing as I have right now, I was looking for something GOOD.

But I'll take the funny anyway. I'll always settle for the funny. :)

Curlew Country said...

Brilliant! I gave in to the ironing fear ages ago - basically I only do the bare necessities like school t-shirts/trousers. Liberation is a beautiful thing!
Thanks for the job congrats Alice -I'm going to need it!