Saturday 12 July 2008

In which we go far...

The company Landrover (which comes with chauffeur)

On Monday I started my new job.
It is a bigger job than my previous one
with lots to learn.
And so my family decided to schedule
a light week of travelling.

to France for 3 days of parties
out Monday
back Thursday
(flight delayed until midnight)

pit stop at hospital
to investigate potential broken wrist
(actually a very bad sprain)

to South Africa for 5 weeks
travelling, working, mingling with friends
out Friday

to South Africa for 6 weeks
attending school in her holidays
- how bad is that? -
out Sunday

to luxurious kennel accommodation
for 2 weeks of peace and quiet
out Saturday
(did I mention the trip to the Vets? No?)

MrM and MrsM
to France
for 2 weeks of recuperation
out Monday.

I hope that I get there
before my head bursts.
Back in 2 weeks

p.s. I will be offline while I am on holiday
and so will not be able to respond to emails.
Please don't do anything exciting
while I am away.


Anonymous said...

Have a marvelous time :)
I promise nothing fun until you return. (except my last chemo on Tuesday Yay!

I hope the kids enjoy their big adverture! I hope they take lots of pictures with those new cameras.

Fairlie - said...

Have a fabulous time in France. And I hope both MasterM and MissM have exciting (but safe) trips to SA.

I'll steer well clear of any excitement I may encounter until you return.

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Wouldn't it be nice if people really didn't do anything exciting while you were gone?! You wouldn't miss out on anything, and you wouldn't need to catch up on anything. Aahh...

Lynn said...

Arriving on Bastille Day, eh?

Two weeks in France sounds like a splendid way to recuperate. Please eat a croissant for me. I'll call a halt to all plans for excitement in this neck of the woods -- good thing hubby's birthday falls just after your return!

Mary said...

Have a wonderful wonderful break. Take lots of photos for me. Write some poetry.


I'll try and keep it low key while you are gone.

dragonfly said...

Have a wonderful time Alice, you deserve a rest after the events of the last few weeks!

Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return...

Ali said...

It is very unlikely! Relax.

walter and me said...

Happy hols, MrsM!

Joanne said...

Happy Holidays, Alice. I have family visiting for just a little too long so I can promise you I won't be having any fun at all.

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage. A bientot (don't know how to do the little whatsit over the 'o').

RW said...

Blessings on your journey.

Enjoy the time away.

carolyn said...

I never do anything exciting!
Have a wonderful time.

blackbird said...

I lust after old Rovers.
Have a wonderful holiday. (That will make three weeks that I am out of touch with you!)

BreadBox said...

Have a lovely time, MrsM! I like that job schedule: one week on, two off: does it continue like that when you return??

How is the new job working out, by the way?


dottycookie said...

Have a wonderful holiday - you've earned it!

Margaret said...

Have a great time in France!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful trip and I too will try to stay excitement free.

Melody said...

Happy Holidays...You won't miss much from me - I'm suffering from blogger's block.

fifi said...

please please post lots of pictures when you get back.

and have un temps merveilleuse.

(pls forgive any grammatical errors there, the sentiment is genuine!)

Tim Atkinson said...

We'll try not to! Come back soon...

Anonymous said...

I have been stopping by out of habit and miss that you are not here :)

Garden Girl said...

hope your head didn't burst! And have a wonderful holiday. Your blue bowls are beautiful. I definitely get the need to buy china instead of nail varnish.x

Allison said...

I miss you!