Tuesday 8 July 2008

MissM is not amused

MissM has expressed disappointment at the choice of colour for the new bathroom towels. MrsM has chosen Spruce instead of Sunshine (now discontinued). MissM knows what she likes and Spruce is not it. MissM does not feel that Spruce towels create the right ambience in the bathroom.

MrsM secretly agrees with MissM.

MrsM asks MrM what he thinks of the new bathroom towels. MrM has not noticed aforementioned towels and is embarrassed. He attempts to cover this faux pas by asking MissM what she would prefer

I don't think it would be very absorbent

MissM is not amused. In the ensuing family scene MrsM realises that Terracotta towels will feature in her future capital expenditure.


Anonymous said...

Towel colour is very important. Especially when you get home and discover said towels look yuk in one's bathroom.

(By the way, lovely alice, this is my last comment as Alice [that does sound rather strange, does it not?] and my old website will be 404ed in a few days. Do not be alarmed at an anonymous stalker! :) )

alice down the rabbit hole

Anonymous said...

I am partial to spruce. Hee Hee.
Terricota is pretty too. My towels are tropical sea blue.

Mary said...

You absolutely have to budget for terracotta towels!

How was the first day in the new job?

dottycookie said...

We just have boring cream. But then the walls are peachy/terracotta - not my choice but there's nothing actually wrong with them, and so much wrong with other rooms that they're low on the decorating list.

We intended to paint our living room terracotta when we moved in; unfortunately we did the test patches and initial coat in rather dim light and realised the next day that in fact they were bright orange. I won't admit how long they stayed that way ...

Marmadaisy said...

Personally, I like my towels white. This means that they have to be replaced regularly much to Mr Marmadaisy's chagrin. They should not be used for guests who wear fake tan though.

Anonymous said...

get absolutely furious whem my Mr M cracks a joke (allbeit funny) when asked a serious question.

He does it all the time.