Sunday 27 July 2008

MrM - my personal travel assistant

MrM is a good person to go on holiday with.
He organises everything impeccably.
(Admittedly, there was a major security alert
when an illegal penknife was found in his suitcase
but let’s pass over that quickly)

He can speak immaculate French.
(Although, strangely, in shops he becomes very inarticulate)

He does all the driving which is very restful for MrsM
(Unless it is reversing which he doesn’t enjoy.
Please let’s not talk about that)

He can give guided tours to archaeological sites
(Assisted only by his EXTENSIVE selection of guide books.)

He knows how to relax.
(Note the communication strategy...
In Case of Emergency)

He is greeted personally
by the man in charge of the Taxi queue
when we return to St. Pancras late at night.
(An amazing end to a wonderful holiday)

We returned last night from two weeks in France.
After a couple of nights in Paris
we travelled south on the train
and then drove across the heart of France to Avignon
where we had a tiny gite surrounded by water.

It took a little while
before I wanted to start taking photographs again
but I made myself keep pressing the shutter.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing
some of the things that we saw on the way.


kristina said...

I do think Mr M must be the ideal traveling companion. I remember his meticulous organization re travel details for the loop event! Really looking forward to seeing your pictures in the coming weeks. You've been missed. K x

walter and me said...

Mrs M, we've missed you and your daily observations. Look forward to seeing some pics and more. And how lucky you are to have Mr M and his organizational abilities! D x

blackbird said...

Good lord, it feels like you've been gone for a year.

Welcome home!

LisaAnn said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to the photos. When my husband and I travel I have the role of Mr. M. Missed your daily posts.

Anonymous said...

MrM is grateful for the recognition - he has just spent the best part of the last hour organising MasterM's next foreign adventure.It has been a pleasure looking after MrsM for the last two weeks.

PS - I do have more than one shirt

Anonymous said...

I am gad you had such a good time. And how handy to have such a talented husband around! I can'twait to see your photos. How cool it would be to just be able to pop over to France like that. It is so far from the US!

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Welcome home! You (and Mr. M) make me laugh. Good to have you back!

Looking forward to the photos, too.

trash said...

Glad you are back and your travels were tres jolie!

dragonfly said...

I've missed you Alice!

And I'm looking forward to seeing what you captured to share with us.

Mr M sounds like a star - lucky you!

carrie said...

Is Mr. M for hire? He would make an excellent tour guide, that is - if he also knows his wine!

And yes, share all the trip with us. Please?

dottycookie said...

Hurrah! Welcome home! It sounds as if you and Mr M had a lovely, and well deserved, break.

Fairlie - said...

I'm so glad to see you back!

MrM sounds like a marvel when it comes to holiday companions, and how thoughtful of him to ensure that emergency assistance is only a short reach and a blackberry away. One never knows when a hammock-crisis is about to occur.

Mary said...

So very happy to have you back and ecstatic at the thought of the photos we will see.

Mr M is funny!

Gina said...

Welcome home! Have missed your thoughtful musings. Sounds like you had a great trip!

Unknown said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday - can't wait to share all your lovely photos

driftwood said...

glad you're home safe, and can't wait to see some more pictures, (nothing wrong with the ones of you MrM of course......)

RW said...

Me too! I am glad you are back and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Melody said...

It felt like you were gone for ages. I missed your words and piccies. They make me feel at peace. These photos are no exception. Glad to have you back.