Friday 4 July 2008

Special Request

Sarah is going for her last Chemo treatment today.

I am not sure how she has managed
to keep so positive and cheerful
all the way through such a difficult time.
She is a very special lady.

It would be really amazing
if you could leave her a message
to wish her good luck.


Mary said...

off I go

Anonymous said...

thanks Alice! ;) You are a sweet heart.

walter and me said...

Sarah, best of luck today, and here's to life and living after chemo.
Diana x

Anonymous said...

Much in our thoughts and prayers.

blackbird said...


carolyn said...


Ali said...

Grace under pressure is a very special quality.

walter and me said...

I can only laugh in the face of being a bit dim (!)...I left my message here, not at Sarah's. Oh well, it was early this I go...Dx