Sunday 6 July 2008

"These guys know how to party..."

MasterM starts the day at a Champagne breakfast
with his Housemaster and friends.

MasterM and friend discover extra bottle of Champagne;
they drink it.

(11am - Church Service)

MasterM participates in Champagne reception.

MasterM joins his parents for a Champagne picnic.

(2pm - Prizegiving)

MasterM does not attend Headmaster's Garden Party
but goes to pub where he does not drink Champagne.
He drinks something else. Beer?

(7.30pm - Leavers' Ball)

MasterM enchants all the mothers of his friends
by asking them to dance.

MasterM enjoys the availability of wine.
Red and White.

MasterM is completely articulate at midnight
when his parents leave the party.

MasterM negotiates half price entry for himself
and a large number of his friends
who wish to go clubbing
and continues dancing until 4am.

MasterM is up and ready to go
at 11am the next morning.


Anonymous said...

He has a strong constitution. He should enjoy it now, while he can. He won't have it forever.

Do I sound like my mother? Gah!

Ali said...

Oh the stamina of youth - and very pretty skirt Mrs M!

dragonfly said...

Very impressive! And a lovely family photo too...

Mary said...

What a treat to have the family photo!

We ALL used to be able to do that once....

As PP says he should enjoy it while he can. Although can you remind me I said that when my kids are graduating!

walter and me said...

Youth! A distant memory..... Lucky MasterM, savour every drop!

ginny said...

some great stamina he has there! looks like you all had a great time.

Gina said...

Wow... the stamina of youth! Lovely family photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow! it sounds like he had a wonderful time. That is a lot of champagne. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's very cute!

And yes, he should enjoy it while he can --

blackbird said...

As we say in Tuvalu - it would appear that Master M has a hollow leg.

Fairlie - said...

Oh, MasterM should make the most of it while he can.

Great family pic!

Curlew Country said...

Blimey they were the days! How do they do it - up again at 11am?!?!? What a lovely family photo too, you're looking every inch the proud parents. Good luck to MasterM in the big wide world.

BreadBox said...

That's a lovely family photograph.
And yes, don't we all remember the days: the may balls which went until sunrise, and then some...
I don't think that stamina is wasted on the young: I remember putting it to good use just as MasterM has (and no doubt, Miss M will)! And if I hadn't had it then, I'd miss the memories:-)

Thanks for bringing some of them flooding back,

dottycookie said...

I wish I had his stamina (and possibly his liver). Wonderful photos - especially the last one!

Anonymous said...

and then one day he'll wake up 30yrs old and will discover the joy of his first hangover...

I remember the nights without consequences... just.

Garden Girl said...

Ah, what lovely boys!! I remember the days of getting home from college, having a kip for an hour, being made to eat tea by my mum and then getting tarted up to go out drinking all night. And then I did it all over again the next day. Terrible behaviour. The mere thought of it makes me tired..a lovely photo of the four of you, what a happy looking family x

carrie said...

Master Me can outdrink me anyday! What a fun event for all!

Ginnie said...

Congrats to MasterM, and I love the family portrait.