Saturday 20 June 2009

On Platform 1

A steam locomotive
pulls out of the station as I arrive.
I can see the passengers
drinking champagne
in the Pullman carriages.

On the opposite platform
is a fancy lady with
a lavender feathered fascinator
drinking lager from a silver can.

The lad sitting on the bench
wearing shorts and flip-flops
looks like my son.
But my son and his flip-flops
are on the other side of the world.

Orla Kiely Leggings!
With gold lame sandals!!

The Lovely Lydia,
MasterM's personal travel agent,
is going away for the weekend.
She probably needs a rest cure.

The lady in red patent heels
is walking up the stairs
very, very carefully.

Only a teenager
could look terrific in
that bright turquoise
draped jersey dress
with cowboy boots.

A dalmatian shaped balloon
floats above a small girl
in the station cafe.

Why is she wearing her
purple V necked jumper
back to front?

A T shirt with a skeleton design
is slightly unnerving on
a middle aged lady.

The man wearing the Lions shirt
is in a hurry...
the match starts at 2pm.

And there I am.
Waiting for the next train
to Richmond
where I will meet Kristina for tea.


Mary said...

I saw everyone of those people - it was like reading a movie..

Anonymous said...

Mary beat me to what is my thought as well. It all seems like a movie. And the lady in red shoes does look so out of a movie!

Unknown said...

You painted the pictures for us perfectly.

Lyn said...

People watching, excellent way to while away the time waiting for a train!

blackbird said...

There's so much to see!

Lynn said...

No fair! I want to have tea with you and Kristina! (Hope you had fun...)

monica said...

oh is she back?

I love your observations. I can SEE everything you see. Wonderful.

The Coffee Lady said...

Oh you are just making me sad now. Champagne and Orla Kiely - and I can't afford either

kristina said...

Your journey to Richmond was so much more interesting than mine! But then again I did have my nose in a book the whole time... K x

Jackie said...

I think often of Richmond. Not only did I live nearby in the 6 years from 1969, but it was my surname too!
I worked in 'Gourmet too' just before the bridge as a waitress. I wonder if you are too young to remember, and later I worked in the Bingo Hall cafeteria. Yuk!

Gina said...

Wonderful people watching!