Thursday 4 June 2009

A photo for Jane

The first comment that I ever made on a blog
was on Snapdragon's Garden.

I can clearly remember the moment.

I filled in the comment box
and then paused.

It seemed such a leap in the dark
to press the publish button.

When I did publish the comment
I felt completely panicked.

I am not sure what I was worried about
but I knew that I had stepped
into a new world.

Jane has a business selling flowers
and handmade goods
and recently offered to send
a handmade button
in return for a photograph
for her new brochure.

Here is my offering:

Jane's badge
on my plate
with viola from my windowbox.

There is a postscript to this story:

The first envelope was emptied en route
and so I phoned Jane to let her know.
It seemed such a natural thing to do
because we have 'known' each other
for over two years now.

Thank you for your friendship, Jane,
and good luck with the brochure!


Frances said...

Jane is a wonder, and clearly, you are, as well.

Isn't it incredible how connections can be made via the ether?


Alexis said...

Such lovely photos. Jane must be thrilled!

blackbird said...

Lovely badge from Snapdragon and lovely photo that you created. It's such a fun project. I am waiting for my badge to arrive but it has such a long way to come.

It does seem so difficult to make the first few comments but when you find that people are so friendly- you wonder what you worried about.

Doolallysally said...

I remember leaving my first comment on Yarnstorm and from that moment I was hooked. I think the viola border sets Jane's delivery off perfectly! Shame I missed the giveaway, I think we were on holiday. Love Salx

trash said...

My friend sells those brooches! I bought one just teh other day :-)

Rhiannon said...

What beautiful pictures, makes me want to do something similar to my mum's hydranger (? I gave it about five goes and still wasn't happy trying to spell it!) next time I'm home and they are in bloom

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! How fun to have a photo go in a brochure!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. And I share the same feeling in my first comment ever on a blog, Bb's. The world I entered is a magical one, filled with the nicest people, whom I wish I can all meet one day in person.

BreadBox said...

And we are so glad that she drew you in to the blogosphere!