Thursday 25 June 2009

Top Trumps (the Gap Year version)

Guess who is back in town?

We met MasterM at the airport today.

Every time a backpacker came through the doors
our hearts paused...
could this be him?

When he came out wearing a pressed shirt and tie
looking quite unlike the young lad
who left home in January
we were lost for words.

This evening we have eaten roast lamb
and we have drunk the delicious
celebratory Argentinian Malbec
and we are enjoying the traveller's tales.

MasterM tells us that
when he was on the boat to Panama
with his mates, Tim and Tom,
they played Top Trumps with their passports.
There were points for the quality of stamp,
the ink colour variations
and the unusual locations.
MasterM won with his Swaziland stamp.

He is off again next Saturday
collecting more stamps in a passport
that looks impressively battered.

It only has to last until September...

because he won't need
a passport at university...

thank goodness.


Gina said...

Welcome home Master M but off again so soon? I'm very impressed by the shirt and tie. Joe came through the gate last year in Tee Shirt, shorts and flip flops... with his head shaved!

Julia said...

Welcome home! Where is he off to next?

driftwood said...

Welcome home Master M, your mum sure has missed you xox

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that he made it safely home. I hope his next destination is the tropics of Australia.

JuliaB said...

Glad Master M is back safe and sound ... but where's he off to now??!

The Coffee Lady said...

can you resist the urge to just swoop him up and lock him in the cellar?

Lynn said...

I was surprised at the all-encompassing feeling of relief that washed over me as I read this post. So happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Funny. I was looking at all the stamps and was impressed by the Swaziland one. Of course he won. Have fun on your next trip.

dottycookie said...

Welcome home, MasterM! I am very impressed with the shirt and tie. I'm not sure I have ever looked that smart coming off a plane.

Perhaps you can make him eat so much trifle he won't be able to fly off again so soon ...

Lyn said...

Clever Idea-maybe they could market it?
It must be lovely to have the chance to see all those wonderful things out there in the big wide world, he will remember them forever, then one day when he is sat with slippers on, watching tele, thinking about bills, he can remember and smile and thank his family for giving him the opportunity and encouragement to travel for a year.

kristina said...

What an incredibly impressive passport. And equally impressed by the travel attire. I never look that smart getting off a plane! K x

Zoƫ said...

Ummm you just might find he will need it at Uni, both my two get challenged all the time about their age and many places won't accept student ID, so they carry their passports everywhere. If they don't believe their age, they wont serve/admit them.

Youngest is off to Milan for 5 weeks doing summer school at NABA with Central St Martins, Eldest just graduated and is contemplating a gap year before his MA.

Wish I had the time, energy and health to do this now, but its such a joy to see them grow from scatty teens to young men and women.

Hope MasterM has many more fun travels before the summer is out.

blackbird said...

Hello Master M!

Jackie said...

I enjoy the travellers' tales secondhand. Thank you Alice, and thank you Master M.
Enjoy your time together.

BreadBox said...

I am sure that you are happy to have him back safe and sound! Welcome back, Master M!


Mary said...

I am so very late to this post but my heart was in my mouth until I knew he was safe back in your arms off the plane.

So happy for you all and wishing MasterM continued safe and happy travelling..

Is it Africa?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Master M! What an impressive passport!

Enjoy your next destination :)

Anonymous said...

Wow -- that's an impressive passport. I'm jealous.