Saturday 20 June 2009

White Rose, Pink Rose

I don't want to brag

Boule de Neige

all month long
the roses in my garden
have rambled

Dr. W. van Fleet

and scrambled
and climbed

Zephirine Drouhin

and bloomed
with fragrant perfection.


I just wish I had spent
more time in the garden
enjoying them.

Constance Spry

Must try harder
next year.


Lynn said...

Gah! Plunge that dagger deeper into my heart! Why do I not have Boule de neige or Constance Spry? WHY?

Ali Honey said...

Ah, they are lovely.

Fortunately I still have a few late blooms on mine even though it is Winter, It is too early to prune them yet. I always think I enjoy the very first and very last blooms the best. Perfume is their finest quality , followed by good looks especially beautiful stamens.
The one in my garden that has the finest perfume ( in my opinion ) is Charles Austin.

blackbird said...

Your roses are beautiful!

This is the first spring that I've taken lots of photos of the flowers in my garden and along my walks. Looking at them takes me back to the day that I took the photo- almost complete with the scent of the flowers.

I hate to say it but- it's important to take time to smell the roses.

dottycookie said...

They have been particularly lovely this year, haven't they? Remind me to introduce you to the Rambling Rector one of these days. He's a remarkably sprightly old gentleman.

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. They are AMAZING.
Rose envy!

Anonymous said...

Constance Spry is my favourite of your photos. What a stunner!

kristina said...

So gorgeous. Now if only we had scratch-and-sniff blogs... K x

Suse said...

How I adore Constance Spry altho I've not grown it.

At our old house we had a teeny tiny garden shed that I made the mister paint blue, with a hot pink tin roof, and I grew Zepherine Drouin over it. Such a wonderful rose for a garden, being thornless and all! I seem to remember the fragrance was particularly good too.

I miss my roses. Can't grow 'em here in this useless soil.

Knitting Out Loud said...

We only have rugosas blooming right now in Maine. Lovely to see your photos! My antique varieties will bloom (only once) next month.

M said...

Oh the Constance Spry is delightful.

Frances said...

Thank you so much for your visit. It's always great to know of someone else who likes that blue and white.

Your roses are so gorgeous! This city dweller truly envies all with gardens around this time of the year.

See you again soon.

Unknown said...

They are all so lovely!I love the pinks, they are my favorites

monica said...

insanely as it may sound... I never used to like roses.

till this year. Now I'm sorry and sad I don't have any in my garden.

Next year. I promise, next year.

Mary said...

As I plan to build a pergola with lots of green climbing things you have just inspired me to add a climbing rose as well.

What a gorgeous post to read on a Sunday morning..

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful.