Sunday 2 November 2008

Cooked Breakfast

MasterM has become an expert at cooking eggs.

MrsM had not realised this
because he has breakfast slightly later than she does.

MasterM greases the pan carefully
and breaks the eggshell with a knife.
MrsM is impressed.
He adjusts the heat
so that the bottom of the egg crisps nicely.

"I am in the Eggzone today"
he says

One egg yolk theatens to break
MasterM speaks soothingly
"Don't break...hang on in there matey..."

He lifts the perfect fried eggs onto the plate.

"I must take a photo
WHERE is my camera?"

"Is it just me
or does that sound like
WHERE is my life support machine?"


RW said...

And what do you eat with your eggs in the morning?

M said...

Those eggs do look good. Mmm.

My camera is my life support machine - what's so funny about that. Hmmm? I got a weird look from my son as I was setting up my tripod to photograph him making biscuits today.

Anonymous said...

My kids would love for me to be in the "Eggzone" once in a while-- rather than the "Instant Oatmeal Zone" in which they so often find me.

walter and me said...

Please send MasterM down here...I've not had breakfast yet!

dottycookie said...

The families of bloggers do put up with a huge amount. I hope poor MasterM managed to have his eggs hot rather than cold!

We had planned to fry some quail's eggs just to see what they loooked like this week, but ended up boiling them - Tiny Small decided she'd rather have quail's eggs than biscuits from the farm shop. I think she has a bright gourmet future.

Anonymous said...

One day he will be so pleased that you have documented every important family event - including those involving breakfast.

blackbird said...

It's like a maturing process - the cooking of an egg.
One day you wake up and your 17 year old is cooking himself an egg.
Well, that's how it happens here in Tuvalu anyway.

Locket Pocket said...

Hmm, very good egg frying - except I'd like mine to be hard in the middle please - can't bear it to run over the plate! I feel the way you do about your camera about my computer/internet connection!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Good eggs! My family often have to wait for food while I locate my camera too!

The Coffee Lady said...

"Don't break...hang on in there matey..."

you have raised a caring boy

Anonymous said...

I had a melt down today because Big E. took my camera to do something with and forgot where she put it. I think I flipped out a little too much! I find that if I do not have it I miss shots, If I do have it nothing blog worthy happends!

They do put up with it rather well! :)

Jackie said...

I don't know what makes me feel more sick..the sight of a fried egg that I haven't cooked for myself(Sorry.its just a 'thing'I have)..or the thought of being separated from my camera.

Mrs. G. said...

Those are sweeeeet looking eggs.

Anonymous said...


kristina said...

Yum! And food pictures are essential (here's where G rolls his eyes!)! K x

BreadBox said...

I have to say, I prefer my eggs without the crispiness -- I use a slightly lower heat, and gently spoon butter over the white to make sure that it cooks gently through and through....

But I'm very pleased to see he's practicing those survival skills he's going to need at college...