Monday 24 November 2008

Meeting Ms. Eurolush

Ms. Eurolush:

she is small,
she has dark hair,
she has hazel eyes.
she has a handsome husband...
(I'm not saying that just because he reads my blog)
she has the most polite children you ever met
she wears a long black coat
and a wonderful red scarf
with a matching umbrella.
did I tell you about her bag?
it was Very Stylish

And you chat about holidays and schools
and dogs and Christmas markets
and mutual friends...
(Yes! You were all there with us!)

And all the time you are thinking:
a) I MUST see the famous Ms. Eurolush smile.
b) How can she eat pastries if she is this tiny?
c) She has an extraordinary gift for comic writing.
I MUST tell her that

BUT before you know what has happened
the morning has flown by
and it is time to go
and you haven't even begun to ask
everything that you really want to know.

And so you give her a big hug and say
"Come back soon because
we still have SO MUCH to talk about."


trash said...

how lovely. A blog meet-up is always so joyous.

blackbird said...

I can imagine it.
There is always so much more I want to ask - and hardly ever enough time.

dottycookie said...

Such a relief to see you are still here! Seriously, it sounds like a lovely day, and having read some of Eurolush's posts and comments, I can't imagine you stopped smiling the whole time.

Christy said...

this sounds fun!!

Mary said...


That was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

It sounds so wonderful :)

Eleanor said...

Yes, I think that's so true...when you meet a blog-friend in person your internal voice speaks faster and faster, and yet it can never hope to catch up with the real conversation.

I'm so happy that the two of you were able to get together. Life is wonderful.

RW said...

I am glad it was a well spent morning.

A time to dance said...

So glad you had a lovely day...what a lovely way to describe her..... I call the search party back H

walter and me said...

You survived then...and had a wonderful time too. Lucky you.

Gina said...

That sounded like a delightful meeting.

Anonymous said...

So pleased you had a lovely morning.

Did MissM enjoy it too?

The Coffee Lady said...

oh how lovely! Please tell me where she got her polite children from. I would love to get some.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Although have to say the thought of meeting other bloggers scares me to death. So glad you had a wonderful time!

What I want to know - pastries + tiny. How?

kristina said...

I've just started reading Eurolush's blog (through your link) and she sounds like the most fab person to meet up with! K x

Anonymous said...

and did she tell you how much she reads?

I'm jealous. I want to chat too!!