Wednesday 12 November 2008

A Secret Visit to Hampton Court

A long time ago we went to Hampton Court for the day
and we had such fun!!

We explored the cellars and attics,
got lost in the maze,
admired the jugglers and fire-eaters,
hid behind topiary trees
and checked out the Real Tennis Court.
We had such fun
that MrsM thought it would be a great idea
to buy a family season ticket.

It was not a great idea.
Not at all.
It wasn't even half a good idea.
It was a VERY BAD idea.

We went too many times.

MasterM and MissM now harbour very negative feelings
towards beautiful, fascinating, historic Hampton Court.
They have threatened to lie down in the middle of the motorway
if we even think about going to look at The Great Vine again.

So now I have to persuade friends like Kristina
to meet me for tea at Hampton Court
and walk around the gardens with me
and admire the topiary.

In secret.

Thank you, Kristina, you are a pal.


walter and me said...

And I hear you had a good old chin wag!

trash said...

What a fabulous secret meeting place! Has anyone ever spotted you meeting secretly or do you wear special costumes to blend in?

blackbird said...

Now that you've told the entire internet it isn't such a secret, IS IT?

Lynn said...

What blackbird said -- HA! (And yes, I want to know about the special costumes, too. Do they involve driving gloves at all?)

The Coffee Lady said...

oh you have brought back some lovely memories; we visited a couple of years ago before Christmas just as they were putting out the beautiful Christmas decorations, made of dried orange and pine-coneyness.

fifi said...

I hereby promise,
most sincerely

that next I find myself anywhere near Hampton Court I will call you immediately to secretly meet me there.

Eleanor said...

You can get a SEASON TICKET???

Hampton Court was my mother's very best place to take visitors (when she was living in London).

My father will be very pleased to know that there was a possibility of getting a season ticket and my mother never found out. It was NOT my father's favourite place to take visitors.

Zoƫ said...

I can echo your feelings about the Palace; for years I lived in Thames Ditton opposite the Queen's Gate. (Since moved to the sticks)I used to get off the bus and walk back through the park and ground most nights in summer after work, eat time taking a different route.Earlier this year took a trip of nostalgia and posted a few blog posts of what we I saw. Strangely, my photos featured a similiarly moody sky above the Palace, it makes a great foreground for big skies!

Think the Flower Show there is my favourite too.

P. said...

Ah, Hampton Court... I went there once, some years ago, when the Flower Show was on.


dottycookie said...

You have reminded me that we haven't yet taken the children to Hampton Court. Must remedy that!

Anonymous said...

Bet you that if / when Master & Miss M have children of their own they will take them to Hampton Court Palace and maybe even buy a season ticket.

Gina said...

What a wonderful place to have secret meetings!

Anonymous said...

SSSSSHHHHHHHHH. If your children find out that you are having a little fun there without them, they might decide it's not such a bad place after all.

Ali said...

We took the boys at Half Term - Mark is 'doing' the Tudors at school this term. They loved it.

I had never been before and loved it too, though probably for slightly different elements!

Anonymous said...

I am sure there are lots of us out here who wouldn't need "persuading" to accompany you to Hampton Court, it's such a wonderful place.

Next time you feel the need to visit let us all know !!

kristina said...

I'm the one who should be thanking you :) And I love the way you've photographed the clouds. I didn't even notice how dramatic they were at the time. K x

Anonymous said...

I would like to meet there too. If only I was not across the ocean!

Anonymous said...


I'm very curious about the great Vine, though.

How could it possibly be so horrible?

(Possibly not as exciting as what I'm imagining, which is slightly carnivorous.)

JuliaB said...

hehe. My son has the same problem with the Ashmolean museum in Oxford! x

Fairlie - said...

I've always wanted to go to Hampton Court and never actually managed to get there. I would definitely meet you there for tea when I'm next in Old Blighty - saving your children from any more of this torture.