Monday 26 January 2009

A Flutter of the Heart

There was a parcel for me on Saturday morning.
A small parcel, tied up with stripey string.

I was very, very careful
as I cut through the brown paper.

Inside: the famous spotty tissue paper,
layers of cardboard,
And my painting!

My heart flutters with delight.
Who would guess that such a small thing
could give such pleasure.

Thank you, Vanessa - I adore it.


Anonymous said...

How very exciting!

A time to dance said...

I love Vanessa's work too...I have had my eye on her spring flowers for a while...I thought I recognised that brown paper and string...have a nice week... I think your post prompted the little blessing to do one of her own.......someone has hinted that Mummy would like a charm bracelet too.....

The Coffee Lady said...

how beautiful! And how lovely to see it both before and after it arrived with you!

driftwood said...

it's lovely, I admire all of Vanessa's paintings!

Ali said...

How lovely - very you.

M said...


Gina said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it. Where will you put it?

I love packages :)

dragonfly said...


I bought some of Vanessa's books for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Isn't her work wonderful?

Anonymous said...

OH!!!!!! I did have a sneeeaky suspicion a painting from the wonderfully talented Vanessa would be coming your way. Very utterly gorgeous, and I SO know that fluttery-heart thing, yes, I get that exact thing too. It's a delicious feeling, and long may it last

Mary said...

I love Etsy so much. I spend way too much time drooling over there.

I also love spending money there - so much talent and really so much cheaper than going to the shops!

Now I have someone else to admire..

do you mind if i knit said...

Hello Alice,
oh thank you! What a wonderful post, and your photographs look fabulous.................. I'm so, so thrilled you're happy with the painting, really, it's made my day reading this flattering blog entry, thank you so much! Vanessa xxx