Saturday 14 March 2009

A brief interlude

Last night I slept in an oak panelled room
with a velvet upholstered four poster bed.

The fireplace was carved limestone,
the ceiling moulded plaster,

and the bathroom luxurious.

This morning I sat at the pewter mirror

and looked beyond to the drive lined with shaped yew

and wondered at my good fortune.


Anonymous said...

How lovely. I feel like I am traveling with you when you go off on your adventures! Where were you,or are you still there?

What's the occation?

Jackie said...

I too wonder at your good fortune.
I imagine my whole 5 days in Marrakech probably cost the same as this one fabulous night.
Its lovely for you to share it in such an un showy and sensitive way.
I am so pleased you had such a lovely experience.It looks beautiful

Karen J said...

Wow, hadn't realised Chez Magpie was quite so plush!!!

Suse said...

I read this just after having booked a CAMPSITE for our TENT for our next holiday.

Now I want a four poster bed and a pewter mirror. Oh and a bathroom.

Fairlie - said...

I always yearned for a four-poster bed as a child. You're living my dream.

Anonymous said...

time travelling eh?

what's the secret?

kristina said...

Oh how gorgeous! K x

Anonymous said...

After years of reading early Victorian literature, I have always wondered what it would be like to sleep surrounded and enclosed by yards of velvet.

The Coffee Lady said...

your life is one long holiday, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Veddy, veddy nice.

Attic24 said...

oooooo do tell, what, where, why?
Am intrigued/nosey beyond belief, can I admit that without sounding too weird or sad?

Anonymous said...

the third photo down reminds me of the president of Afghanistan.

fifi said...

Where are you, Alice dear?

Since I am currently overwhelmed by longing for far places more than usual,

I loved this very much.

Like suse, I have a camping trip to look forward to. mmm.

Unknown said...

Oh it looks lovely, a perfect getaway.

Anonymous said...

Mr C and I have just spent several days going round various National Trust properties and I have to say that it looks like you may have been staying at my favourite one! Go on and tell us where you've been - please!