Thursday 26 March 2009

Pedestrian Crossing

Imagine, if you will,
a point on my journey to work.

Every day, they are there, holding hands:
This young couple coming down the hill.
Walking with that swinging stride;
Same height, same build.

Their stylish black clothes do not change:
He a duffle coat and she a leather jacket.
They talk and laugh as they walk
And their faces turn inwards towards each other.

They must set off at the same time every day,
Just as I do, so that we meet at this crossing.
Day after day they go past in their other life
And I observe, and smile.

I do not know if they see me.
But today, I stood between them,
He on one side of the road,
And she on the other, weeping.


for bb, who would have known what to do..


edited to add:

I saw them again this morning.
holding hands,
talking and laughing,
faces turned inwards towards each other.

Suddenly, the rain didn't seem to matter.


Lynn said...

Auggghhh! Perhaps it's only temporary? Did it cast a pall over your entire day??

BreadBox said...

Sad --- but probably you did the right thing. You walked on by, did not invade their privacy: you allowed them to come to terms with their crisis in their own way. And yet, their pain lingers reflected in your concern, doesn't it?


Fairlie - said...

And now, you'll always wonder.

dottycookie said...

Perhaps there was a simple explanation,a mild hiccup,and you'll see them together again tomorrow. Well, we can hope, can't we?

Ali said...

Oh no, I hate encountering evidence of lifes little tragedies - the dropped teddy, the lost shoe. Seeing it in real time is too sad to contemplate.

JuliaB said...

perhaps they will be on the same side again tomorrow. x

M said...


Gina said...

We all have our little quarrels but so glad to see a happy ending.

Melody said...

You are a beautiful poet.

kristina said... glad I got to read the version with the happy ending :) K x

nikinpos said...

Every now and again a disagreement can help a relationship grow closer when an understanding has been reached.
I know in the UK people tend to keep to themselves, rather than talk to strangers,whether its a good or bad thing I dont know.
In Italy everyone passisng by would have somwehow got involved!!

Allison said...

I love how you describe these everyday moments and fill them with such emotion. I can just picture you standing there, contemplating.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God. (edited version)

The Coffee Lady said...

tell them to wear more cheerful colours in future

Lynn said...

Re: the amended version...

I knew it! I knew it was only temporary! Cue the chirping birds and fluttery butterflies!

blackbird said...

Oh! Oh!
I probably would have gone to work crying! Then I would have thought about them ALL DAY. Then, when I saw them back together? I'd try to catch their eye and I'd smile.


Unknown said...

Oh I was so glad to read the postscript.