Saturday 11 April 2009

Breaking News

MissM has been temporarily suspended
from her role as Fashion Guru for this blog.

She has admitted wearing
this fluorescent red man-made top
with these purple spotted leggings
on a mountain side.
When confronted MissM was unapologetic:

"Did you want me to get hypothermia?
Sometimes, fashion must be second to common sense.
Anyway, I knew that only climbers would see me
and they were probably wearing weird things too."

MrsM has been temporarily suspended
from her role as Laundry Consultant.

She had a moment of madness
which resulted in a regrettable attempt to iron
aforementioned fluorescent red man-made top
This has negatively affected the functionality.

MrsM has not attempted to provide a rational explanation.


Gina said...

ooops! (I didn't really laugh)

the 6 o'clock stitch said...


Unknown said...

Needs must when the devil drives - and as for ironing? what's that? you weren't about to make a quilt from it were you?

monica said...

oh no... you didn't... did you?

Ali said...

Miss M will thank you for it one day, I'm sure.

kristina said...

I still remember ironing a brand-new blouse for work that had rather a lot of man-made stretch in it and seeing it melt before my eyes--a serious loss of functionality--aaack! K x

blackbird said...

Yes. These things sometimes occur. I, for example, have known to be, uh, "enthusiastic" with bleach.

Unknown said...

Hee Hee! Sorry about the shirt!
Glad you are back I missed you!

Unknown said...

Oh Alice, so often your posts make me laugh out loud and this one provided much needed giggles which distracted me from over-tired and temporarily very horrid children.