Monday 13 April 2009

Easter Eggs

Eggs collected by my Mother-in-Law,
who loves beautiful things.

We got up very early and drove on empty roads
to hear an Easter sermon
in a country church.

After the service small children
scrambled among tombstones
and discovered silvery eggs
hidden in daffodil trumpets.

In Cornwall my new nephew
was experiencing the thrill
of the family egg hunt in the orchard
for the very first time
at the age of five weeks.
Eggs balanced on mossy boughs
and resting under primroses
waiting for little hands
to put them in tiny baskets.

I wish I could have been there.


Allison said...

Gorgeous eggs, sweet sentiment and a beautiful description of Easter morning. Best to you and yours!

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

What beautiful eggs!

The Coffee Lady said...

Ah, the egg hunt. The Littlest Latte was so successful at our church egg hunt that she found one of the eggs that had been hidden last year.

We didn't let her eat it. Is that cruel?

dottycookie said...

We have been belatedly egg hunting this morning. Yesterday was too full of woodland walks and family feasts and garden visiting to squeeze it in! No-one seemed to mind ...

Lovely to see you here again.

Lynn said...

The weather was too icky yesterday for an egg hunt, but it didn't really matter; we'd already been doing plenty of dress rehearsal egg hunts in the days leading up to Easter (using those elegant neon plastic eggs).

Nice to have you back!

Eleanor said...


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the world, dear Alice's nephew. You are so lucky to have such a great Aunt (and Uncle, and cousins).

Congratulations to the entire family!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful eggs! Sounds like a wonderful day.