Wednesday 26 March 2008

I must ask my mother...

When I was very young
we lived in a house opposite a huge hoarding.
The man who pasted up the posters was a part of my childhood
because my mother chatted to him
and he gave her spare posters for us to draw on.
I can still remember
the feel and smell of those huge sheets of shiny paper.

I think that the poster man fell off his ladder
but I don't remember what happened next.
Did he die?

I must ask my mother.


Anonymous said...

I hope your mum says - "no, no he was fine!" because now I am worried about the generous poster man!

Anonymous said...

Worry not PMP. He lived to post many more posters and clean many more windows up his ladder.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

This post made me laugh a lot...I'm not sure whether that's an appropriate response though. I hope he is okay. x

blackbird said...


Amy A. said...

I had to pop over from say la vee to check out the woman who has never had a nacho! :)

I love the project you are knitting on your bamboo needles. Very pretty. And I am very jealous of your spring flowers. We have yet to see a bud over here.

I hope you find that the poster man is alive and well.

Mary said...

thank goodness gms pp mrs gms popped by to comment.

Unknown said...

My very first job back in the seventies was working in the costing department of a paper mill in Yorkshire whose main selling product was the paper they use for billboard posters - small world