Wednesday 12 March 2008

Lunch with Blackbird

I spent yesterday agonising...
Where should I take bb for lunch in London??
She is smart and funny -
would she love the gilt chairs in The Ritz??

I want her to tell me everything
about life in Tuvalu
So we could be sitting a while -
perhaps Gordon's Wine Bar would be more suitable.

She loves food and wine
and so do I
so I could take her to Clarkes.

On the other hand it needs to be near the shops
because she is passionate about clothes
so what about Le Meridien high above Piccadilly??

It must be PERFECT
because I want to tempt her to stop over
next time she goes to Italy.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Mary said...

I used to LOVE Gordon's wine bar.

I have all trust in your ability to choose wisely and well in your plan to tempt!

BreadBox said...

Are there any decent wine bars in Covent Garden these days? It's been several years since I spent any time in London, so most of my old haunts are gone: the places under the arches at Waterloo, for example, sont tout disparu. And they were such a fetching locale, too....

Lucky you, getting to play with BB!

Ginnie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!

Fairlie - said...

It seems you know all the best places!

Wherever you choose for your luncheon I'm sure it will be great.

blackbird said...

The Ritz looks too posh, sometimes I have a potty mouth.
Le Meridien may be close to shops, but, by the time I'm done drinking and eating and talking?
There will be no time for shopping.

At least we know that I'm not a mint tea kind of girl.

tess said...

perhaps maybe a posh picnic in one of the parks?

Allison said...

If only we had anything so lovely here in Vegas.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

What about the Charlotte Street Hotel - I always used to love going there. My other favourite place (but I don't know what it's like more recently as I haven't been back since we moved out of London) was Fredericks in Islington in Camden Passage - we always went there for birthdays, anniversaries...or just any excuse we could think of actually...! I hope you find somewhere wonderful and have a lovely time. x