Thursday 6 March 2008

Profound Thoughts on Reincarnation

While listening to
Symphony 7 in C, OP. 60 '
by Dmitri Shostakovich
played by London Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by
Vladimir Jurowski
in the Royal Festival Hall.

  1. If reincarnated as a Conductor I too will wear a black Nehru jacket and have my hair like Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

  2. If reincarnated as a Pianist I will not have asymmetric panels of sateen in my tail coat or a diamante belt buckle.

  3. If reincarnated as a Harpist I will definitely have a harp with an embellished gold post; I will not make do with plain wood.

  4. If reincarnated as a Violinist I will wear boat neck or square neck. I will cover my arms at all times. I will NOT wear V neck.

  5. If reincarnated as a Cellist I will not wear trousers that look like net curtains.

  6. If reincarnated as a Double Bass player I will try the white hair, moustache and beard look - it seems quite sophisticated.

  7. If reincarnated as a Percussionist I will be a Cymbals player because there is a lot of sitting around and then a big, dramatic flourish.

  8. If reincarnated as a Brass Player (I will try to be good so this does not happen) please don't make me a Trumpet player because their cheeks puff out and they go bright red. It is not a good look.

  9. If reincarnated as myself I hope that I have better concentration

  10. If reincarnated as a person with a deep appreciation of Classical Music I will not say in a loud voice in the Corporate Bar "Of course the first time that I heard the Previn I was amazed....but the Ashkenazy - well, he was trying to recreate all that Shostakovich had taught him..."


tess said...

very profound there Alice, I agree with you that net curtain trousers is not a good look, and as for being reincarnated as a classical music expert, well I'd stand no chance, wouldn't be able to pronounce all the fancy names!

BreadBox said...

Don't tar all us brass players with the same brush! Trombonists don't puff out their cheeks like that:-)


blackbird said...

We are one and the same.
And,as far as I am concerned, nothing is worse than the outfits female conductors wear.

The mind does tend to wander during these things, doesn't it.

Ali said...

I was all ready to be intimidated by your cultured-ness. Now I just keep wondering why nobody told the violinist that during rehersals.

Mary said...

That could have been me talking in your head. Except I then would have made up stories about all of the key players!

Anonymous said...

You will be one classy reincarnate. (is that the noun? it sounds good in my head, but I was reluctant to commit it to the comments box of such a classy reincar....)