Sunday 16 March 2008

Pester Power

We MUST get a BRITA Water Filter
Everybody has one except us.
F. has one in her bedroom.
The Mother of the Lovely MissE has one.

But we have managed just fine with tapwater
for the past twenty years.

Tapwater tastes vile.
I can't drink tapwater.
And it would stop you
wasting money on Evian.

I like Evian.

Think of all those plastic bottles...
And the energy consumed transporting it.


I could explain how it works;
we have just done it in Chemistry.
And we could have ice cubes
that taste really nice

I give in

(It was so much easier when they wanted
My Little Pony and Transformers.
I could just say "NO")


Mary said...

Is it really bad if I often give in to the pester power?

I can stick to my guns if really need be but sometimes the amount of energy required to do said sticking is exhausting!

Ali said...

We've got one - you won't regret it Alice.

Wish the thorny issue of 'I neeeeed a dog!' could be solved by shelling out 20 quid and clearing a little space on the countertop.

dragonfly said...

You won't regret it! I've gone the whole hog now and had a filter put on my kitchen tap. I then fill an Evian (!) bottle and keep it in the fridge. For some reason, I just can't drink it straight from the tap.

tess said...

if only I'd known, we have one (or even 2) in the cupboard we never use...
although maybe we should if Miss M and Master M think they are essential.

Ginnie said...

We have one, too, MrsM, and the water tastes better. The filtered water also makes better bread than tap water does. (Chlorine is not a friend to yeast.) And you can rest easy at night, knowing you are doing your part for the environment.

But the real reason you must say yes:
Keeping up the Family Image.

P.S. Love the hyperbole ("tastes vile")in MasterM's comments.

Lina said...

I'm with them! We've had one of these for a few years and now have one that attaches directly to the tap. I can't bear buying bottled water because of the plastic issue - so it's a good compromise!

blackbird said...

Now they must have Nalgene or Stigg bottles to put the water in. Neither of which are cheap.

And my favorite part of the whole arrangement is no one ever refills the damn pitcher. Except me.

blackbird said...

Sorry - that's SIGG water bottles.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the whole family gang up on me!

dottycookie said...

Those things freak me out slightly - just make sure you change the filter regularly. I'm only saying ...

But then I grew up on south London tap and after that any tap water tastes good ;-)

Anonymous said...

They could pester for much worse things.

Do they enter debating competitions? Because I think you could form a formidible team...

carrie said...

I just adore our Brita and it's only been replaced once in 12 years, so I think in comparison to the amount of bottled water that equals, I'm doing pretty good!

And, it's always icy cold. Refreshing! :)