Friday 19 September 2008

Culture Clash

MrM has printed off schedules, emails and interesting background from Wikipedia.

MasterM is concentrating on the flights for his uber-cheap skiing holiday which have doubled in price before his eyes.

MrM has put aforementioned paperwork into plastic wallets, colour coded for each day.

MasterM is prepared to put them in his overnight bag but on no account will he be seen writing notes. No Account.

MrM is wearing polished shoes and an ironed shirt. He is at one end of the Smart-Casual spectrum.

MasterM is wearing jeans and T-shirt (although not the 'Yes! It's Really Me!' T-shirt, thankfully). He is at the other end of the Smart-Casual spectrum.

MrM has got up early to shave and generally buff himself up.

MasterM did not get up early and did not intend to shave anyway.

MrsM explains that if the University thinks that he has issues with personal care they might take it as an early indicator of poor mental health.

MasterM allows MrsM to brush his hair which he concedes looks as though he has slept on it.

MrM looks faint.

MrM has a full schedule which includes visits to sites of historic interest.

MasterM is prepared to visit a pub of historic interest.

MrM tells MasterM that he has put a clean handkerchief out by the front door.

MrM has never been to a University Open Day.

MrM has a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing hurts my head.

Middle wore a *clean* black tee shirt with no spots or holes.

19 September 2008 01:57

Anonymous said...

Ah... university open days...
Good luck, MasterM! And remember to interview them too....


19 September 2008 02:46

Anonymous said...

Oh, and enjoy the historic pub --- but make it *after* all the interview stuff is over!

19 September 2008 02:47

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Ah, the tragicomedy of it all. (Note that mine is Empathetic Laughter, given that I am the mother of a son with flowing tresses that sometimes look as though they'd never seen a hairbrush...)

19 September 2008 03:35

Anonymous said...

this is great, made me laugh out loud at the end of a very long, hard day

Anonymous said...

I remain grateful that though our country is large our population is relatively small and thus the choice of universities is also small.

The only anxiety lies in getting a high enough score to get into one in the first place

Anonymous said...

Awww bless your MrM, I want to reach in and give him a big hug

Anonymous said...

Steep learning curve then for Mr M?