Tuesday 16 September 2008

The Way Things Are

I love having MasterM at home.

Am I allowed to say that?

For a few weeks
- short to us but endless to him -
he has to be based here
while he applies to universities.
A combination of boarding school
and an ambitious travel schedule
has meant that it is a couple of years
since he spent this long at home with us.

In between our son has become a confident young man.

There are downsides of course...
my home is achieving the Frat House vibe
with piles of shoes, gym bags
and odd socks in odd places.
The TV seems to be permanently tuned to Ross Kemp
and ice lolly sticks mysteriously appear
where they Should NOT Be.

BUT he makes us laugh effortlessly
with his talent for mimicry;
his outrageous but true travel stories
and his lively use of street language.

It really delights me to realise
that he is well informed about world affairs
and exceptionally perceptive in his understanding
of the people around him.

He has so many plans for the future
and he has the energy and organisation
to make them happen.
None of the plans include staying at home
and so I must treasure every moment
of this brief interlude.

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