Monday 15 December 2008

(before blogging)

Two years ago my world was very different.

I did not wrap cookies in cellophane
and tie with a recycled ribbon.
(please note my first tentative steps into 'thrifting')

I did not own a set of red cross stitch Christmas napkins
(what do you mean - did I sew them myself - are you mad?)

I would not have considered stringing cranberries
to make garlands for my wreath.
(I am not saying that I have actually DONE this)

I would not have taken photos of my Sunday dinner.
(just in case you were wondering
we had a choice of chocolates for dessert)

I did not know Ali
and would not have stopped to have tea
in her wonderfully festive house.

Such are the unexpected gifts that blogging brings.


Fairlie - said...

So true. Before blogging I would never have used recycled ribbons off Easter chocolate bunnies to make nametags for my daughter's Murder Mystery birthday party!

What a treat to have tea with Ali.

blackbird said...

...and we are ALL better for it!

Mary said...

What that blackbird sang....

RW said...

Blogging has given me new eyes to see. I love seeing through other's eyes as well.

Melody said...

I second what both blackbird and what Blue Mountains Mary said...

Gina said...

I think we all recognise and share your thoughts here Alice. Blogging is a wonderfully enriching experience in so many different ways.

The Coffee Lady said...

oh yes, yes, yes, so true. And so EERIE, because only last night I was googling 'cookie presentation' and writing 'BUY CELLOPHANE' in my diary.

Just think, if I had waited, you would have told me yourself

tess said...

not to mention the gifts you give to others with your kind words, your insights into the world, and your friendship xx

Attic24 said...

oh I can so relate. My life is entirely different now that Bloggin has entered. Taking photos of ones dinner is Perfectly Normal now adays.
ps Alice, your blog is, as ever, a joy to behold, thanks for sharingxxxxxxxxx

Allison said...

Before Blogging I would not have had a friend across the ocean in a land far, far away!

Anonymous said...

I reiterate what blackbird has said. You always have something relevant, and often very funny, to say Alice.

I also recycle everything I can these days, (including bits of ribbon). By the way my verification word is cheapp, that is so spooky !!

kristina said...

I did do steps 1-3 before blogging (my brother and I have indeed made cranberry garlands), but 4-5 are new to me too! K x

Anonymous said...

and I bet you didn't go around taking pictures of everything all the time either !!! (have your nearest and dearest got used to that yet?

kristina said...

Are those the cranberry cookies?! K x

Ali said...

The beauty of the cookie wrapping has been defiled, but the warmth of friendship lingers much longer.

Very good napkins by the way.

M said...

So so true. I would not have knitted Blossom's teacher a scarf for christmas either. Or placed it in a box lined with tissue.

No wonder my friends are looking at me askance.

JuliaB said...

hehe!! Mr Marmalade thinks I am a bizarre person indeed when his dinner is delayed between dishing up and table in order for me to photograph it!!!

carrie said...

Oh Alice, I'm so glad you're here.

bigbucketgirl said...

It's so true.
Without blogging i would not be able to show my husband that other people have vintage pyrex with snowflakes on....bake cookies as gifts...or knit so much!

I agree whole festive heartedly with blackbird...we ARE all the better for it.