Thursday 18 December 2008

Checking off the list.

MissM and MrsM spend a companionable evening
writing Christmas cards.
This year, for the first time,
the envelopes will be addressed in
MissM's small, neat handwriting.
MrsM explains the subtleties of addressing envelopes
to take account of all
the combinations of family circumstances.

MissM is impressed.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty card! i love it when they help out with Christmas things. Any baking going on in Chez Magpie?

Jackie said...

Do you hire her out ever?

Allison said...

Oh, I so DREAD addressing my cards. I am one of those people whose penmanship goes up and right one day, and up and left the next LINE!!!

blackbird said...

Oh, dear God, yes.
The card to my brother's house must include THREE last names.

Ali said...

I think I could do with some input on that - a card did go out one year addressed to 'The Occupants' - the surname thing just all got too complicated.

driftwood said...

because we are a sciencey type house I have to try really hard not to address envelopes "Alice et al."
love the card you chose.

kristina said...

Such a lovely card!

I'm doing New Year's cards this year for the first time, and I'm worried everyone will just think I've forgotten... K x

dottycookie said...

It's always a relief when they're finally posted. My horror is of writing 'Fred, Jane and the children' because I have neglected to write down the names of new babies in my address book ...

Anonymous said...

Tag you are it! there are instructions posted on my blog. Hope you will play!

Eleanor said...

"Combinations of family circumstance" - kind of sums up all holidays I think.

Anonymous said...

What pretty Chrismtas cards!

Mine are all sitting in an unopened box in the closet. Can't bring myself to deal with them right now.

But that's okay.

Because I will let you in on a little secret:

Do you know how many Christmas cards I have received in Germany, as of today, December 18th, 2008?

Do you?

No you don't.

Because I haven't told you the embarrassing truth yet.

I've received ONE.


Just one.

But that doesn't mean people don't like me.



Cough. Cough.


M said...

I really think families should have ONE surname for the purposes of addressing Christmas cards. One double-barelled surname is acceptable. But two or more is just un-environmental (extra ink).

Anonymous said...

Can we go with a generic -
'My good friends
at such and such address'?

That would make the whole circumstane less compicated.

Christy said...

No Christmas cards for me this year....I did leave you an award on my darkside blog today! Merry Christmas!