Tuesday 2 December 2008

Happy Birthday, MasterM

This year MasterM has learned:

That his sister really appreciates a phone call
because she misses him a lot.

That his father will drive to London
in the middle of the night to collect him.

That he can open beer bottles with his eye socket
which is good for impressing girls...
unless they are ophthalmologists.

That if he insists on wearing a copper bangle
through metal detectors he can expect to get
undivided attention from the security guards.

That it is possible to read 37 post-1945 plays in 12 days.

That hard work brings good results.

That it is possible to look handsome
in tights and knee breeches.

That his mother will still be cross six weeks later
if he takes the top of her toothpaste tube to South Africa
and leaves his bunged up lid in exchange.

That dirty laundry does not walk downstairs by itself.

That it is better to use a sharp razor
when shaving for a job interview.

That his dog adores him.
(Actually, he knew that anyway)

That his mother will look shocked if he says
that he does not want a Birthday Cake.

We are going out to a South African restaurant instead.


blackbird said...


We've been admiring your style for over a year...

Lynn said...

My firstborn wants to know if #3 is really true. He's hoping so. I believe he's prepared to worship MasterM as some sort of Pillar of Coolness. After all, it's a time-honored tradition for members of the Speechless family to revere members of the Magpie clan. (Happy b-day to the world traveler and toothpaste prankster...)

Mary said...

Happy Birthday from Australia too MasterM.

You impressive lad.

Ali said...

Happy birthday Master M. That's an impressive eye socket.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Master M. The eye socket trick sounds pretty impressive!

walter and me said...

Happy Birthday, MasterM! The eye socket trick makes me feel squeamish!

fifi said...

Happy Birthday Master Mm

keep up your cool tricks!

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns to Master M as he goes forward into this coming year!

driftwood said...

oooh, the eye socket trick made me squirm.........
no cake - surely not, couldn't there be cake AND restaurant.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MasterM. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Number 9 is still a mystery to some in my house!

My verification is "Plato", perhaps this quote from him refers to number three?

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

trash said...

Happy Birthday Master M.

My uncles would be pleased to hear the traditional skills they value are alive and well around the world.

Word ver. is anger. Not ver birthday like is it?

Karen J said...

Happy Birthday MasterM! Knowledge like that will take him far!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he has learned the one about the laundry, I don't think mine have even grasped the fact that clothes should be put in the laundry not left in a pile somewhere in the corner. Unfortuanetly that includes all the males in the household including my husband!
Happy Birthday Master M, I'm surprised you didn't ask for cake as well as the meal out.

Allison said...

Many Happy Returns Master M! Love those jerseys. I need a Guinness patch like that. And how could his dog not adore him, with wonderfully scruffy hair like that! LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

NEVER mess with a lady's toothpaste lid (nor take her tweezers). These are good lessons for life.

I hope that you sang the birthday song, even though there was no cake.

Happy birthday to you...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MasterM!

My you have learned a lot of important things this year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Master M! Impressive list!

RW said...

Many happy returns to the young man.

Hope dinner was fabulous!

sewprimitive karen said...

How funny, I love the picture of speed-reading through that many post-1945 plays. And how do you do that thing with your eye? Squish the can into your eye socket?

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Mr DC will be more than twice his age on Saturday and still hasn't learned the laundry trick ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Master M!

Hope the dinner was fabulous...was there a cake afterward???

Anonymous said...

busy year for Master M!

tell him to rest for a while!!

Anonymous said...

MasterM was seriously replete by the time the day was out.

kristina said...

Happy Birthday, Master M! It's been a very busy year... K x