Saturday 21 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

I have a son in South America
and a daughter at the top of Mount Snowdon.

I wish that I could magic them home
and cook Sunday lunch for them.

I have been thinking about parenting recently
after conversations with M and The Coffee Lady.

I didn't do much thinking about it
when MasterM and MissM were little
because I was too busy being a parent
but now that it is too late
I am allowing myself to think about it.

I have realised that
our principal objective as parents
was to raise children
who are interesting and amusing
to talk to over the dining room table.

I am delighted with the result.

I just wish they weren't so far away today.


Doolallysally said...

Happy Mother's Day! with love Salx

trash said...

So all these years I have been going wrong with the brushing of hair?

I am sure they are thinking of you and undoubtedly both wishing for a home-cooked meal too.

Unknown said...

Oh Alice - I do feel for you and deep down inside know that the same situation will be my lot in the not too distant future - we always have a very disjointed Mothering Sunday in our house because of rugby and football fixtures. Because of this we have started to pick a random Sunday in late May or June when the weather forecast is good and I select something of my preference for us all to do for the day then. This year it will be nice to include my own mum in that day too with her living down here now and we'll have an honorary mothering sunday albeit belated

JuliaB said...

Happy Mothers day! I'm sure your babies are wishing they were home today just as much as you wish they were with you. xx

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

My mother was just telling me this week that if she had it to do over again, she would have enjoyed us more and worried less. I'm trying to remind myself of that every day. It's hard, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I bet they never talk about cane toads over the dinner table like members of the Petesen family do even thought they are half way across the world...

driftwood said...

I'm sure they're thinking of you xx

RW said...

Happy Day to you Alice.
It is spring break here and my daughter has taken a bit of a holiday - and I am missing her terribly.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Have a nice day today. You can always celebrate when they get home. Enjoy the day and go have a nice meal with MrM.

You are right you raised them to be exciting and adventurous and smart and that is what they are. you have done a wonderful job!

dottycookie said...

Happy Mother's Day, even if it is a bittersweet one.

kristina said...

Happy Mothering Sunday! And you have every reason to be delighted with the result. I'm sure they're both thinking of you right now :) K x

blackbird said...

Aw. Can you feel my arm around your shoulder?

Gina said...

Happy Mother's Day Alice! I'm sure they are both thinking of you.

The Coffee Lady said...

My little brats WERE here for dinner, turned their nose up at it and then had a tantrum over hairwashing.

At one point I wished I could have sent them to the top of Mount Snowdon. The grass is always greener, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have two living in Morocco and like you I so wish I could magic them here. Your post is lovely, your photographs beautiful. Do your children read your blog?
Hope your mothers day is sweet despite missing your young. Go warmly
xx Sumea

Ali said...

But you know they'll be visiting the nest again soon. And with wonderful and amusing tales for the dining table.

I try not to think too much abour parenting - it's scary.

Happy Mother's Day Alice.

nikinpos said...

I too was away from my daughter this year, but in fact in Italy it was Fathers day this week, and I am not even sure when the Italian Mothers day is!

M said...

Again, I repeat, wise words from one who has been there and back, and quite obviously produced excellent heirs who wouldn't dream of denying their mother the pleasure of scoffing all the Maltesers before the movie starts.

Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

I very much share your parenting objectives and I delighted to hear that yours have been so successfully realised. I wish you many, many shared dining table moments in the future.