Tuesday 21 April 2009

A Method of Translation

MasterM is translating during a coaching session
between a South African coach
and an Argentinian rugby player.

South African Coach
Ask him if he can do the Goose-Step tackle

MasterM (in Spanish)
Can you do the tackle
when you step like a goose?

Argentinian Player
What on earth do you mean?

MasterM (in English)
He says that he has been trained
in the full range of tackle techniques

South African Coach
But can you make sure
that he can do the Goose-Step tackle.

MasterM (in Spanish)
Listen to me - when I say goose
you must say 'Si!' very loudly.

Argentinian Player

MasterM (in Spanish)

Argentinian Player

MasterM (in English)
He says yes!

MrsM wonders if MasterM will enter the Diplomatic Service.


Anonymous said...

Too Funny! Master M really thinks fast on his feet!

Allison said...

Very very funny! I love leaving your blog with a smile on my face!

M said...

He will go far that boy.

Christy said...

that is hilarious! I'm thinking politician rather than diplomat...

Ali said...

Love that boy.

trash said...

OMG, he is going to end up running the world!

Unknown said...

Smart boy yours - so presumably this little discussion was followed up by a quick impromptu training session to bring the Argentinian player up to speed - goosey, goosey!

Gina said...

That boy will go far!

Anonymous said...

Somehow this whole thing is lost in translation. Is it anything like duck, duck, goose?

Karen J said...

Definitely destined for great things!!!

MrM said...

I really feel that MasterM should have demonstrated to show a goose step by running round the room in the same style as David Campese of old.

blackbird said...

He's a sly dog, that Master M.

Anonymous said...

Lekker !

monica said...

I think Master M is an expert in side stepping... never mind geese and tackles!!!

The Coffee Lady said...

What is the goose step tackle? Can the poor man learn it? Will we ever know?

Nate Torrence said...

Haha funny stuff


Unknown said...

He definitely has a bright future, I fear he might do rather well in politics!

Mrs C said...

If the diplomatic service doesn't work out then how about a career in comedy? Fantastic!

kristina said...

Yes, indeed! K x