Friday 17 April 2009

The Naming of Plates

MissM complains that we are
The Only Family in The World
where the china is individually named.
We have The Croissant Plate,
The Roast Chicken Plate,
The Breakfast Plates
and The Creme Caramel Plates.
And that is before we start on items with handles...

And now I must introduce you to
The Biscotti Plate
which was purchased in Cornwall
just hours before I met Diana
who gave me a jar of delicious handmade biscotti.
Imagine the trauma for all concerned
if I had not had a suitable plate!
I hope that Walter approves.

Thank you, Diana,
I had the most lovely evening talking blog-shop.
I don't think I have ever done that before.
I can remember blushing furiously
when I met Kristina and being quite unable
to say the name of my blog out loud.
That was eighteen months ago
and now I am brave enough to admit
in a public place
that I write and publish my work on the internet.
How times have changed.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely plate! It looks perfect for biscotti! I read about the meeting yesterday, so fun!

blackbird said...

I'm so proud of you - I remember being too shy (yes me!) to admit that I had a blog.
As for the naming of the plates?
It pleases me enormously.

Anonymous said...

While biscotti plate pleases me, I would very much like to see creme caramel plate one day when I come to visit you for dinner.

RW said...

I love the fact that you name your plates.

trash said...

Hmmmm.... having pondered this for some seconds I feel sure we do not have named plates or other items of kitchen paraphenalia but know most of the garden equipment is named, eg Larry the loppers, baby Larry (oh except the lawn mower! how strange, perhaps that should be remedied?. And all new computery type equipment - New sat nav Kate, Stephanie the Selphy Printer, Jane (old sat nav) and Nancy - the little Dell Axims, etc, etc.

Functionally named plates? Nah, you tell Miss M that doesn't seem odd at all ;-)

kristina said...

We have individually named china too...the pumpkin pie plates, the pancake plates...So please assure Miss M you're not the only ones!

And I thought you seemed so confident about your blog!

K x

Ali said...

There's only one plate in our house with a special name and that's the chipped one which both boys complain about if they get. I clearly need to up my game.

JuliaB said...

The naming of plates sounds less of a difficult matter than The Naming of Cats, unless they have three different names too? x

Gina said...

That looks like the perfect plate for biscotti. Look like pretty good biscotti too!

monica said...

there's nothing wrong with named plates. I think it's a wonderful idea.

driftwood said...

I love the named plates too! Miss M should be grafeful they have elegant names, next time she complains you should threaten to call one the fluffy wuffy toasty woasty plate!

and as for being brave to talk about your blog, you should be shouting it from the rooftops xx

walter and me said...

You're giving me ideas here! And a perfect plate for the biscotti, too. My word verification today is stival..almost perfect, and appropriate!!

Funkymonkey said...

I think it's quite normal to name plates. Maybe it should become obligatory?


The Coffee Lady said...

clearly I am classless. I have been eating biscotti straight out of the cupboard.

Liz said...

When I started reading this post I was thinking you meant names like Norman or Geoffrey! Could just eat some of that biscotti.

Anonymous said...

Nice plate! (But just exactly how much cupboard space do you have?)

MrM said...

strangely MasterM and MissM have names too

eurolush said...

Beautiful plate!

I always love seeing your plates...they're all so striking.

Great. Now I want some Biscotti, too.

PS-Coffee Lady always makes me laugh.

PPS-I'm still too shy to mention my blog.

dottycookie said...

In our house we have the chipped white plates, the unchipped white plates, and the unseasonal Christmas plates. Clearly I need remedial plate shopping classes ...

Quinn said...

I have ONE spoon that belonged to my Grammy, the only grandparent I knew. She passed away when I was a little girl, but I remember her very fondly. Grammy's spoon is dedicated to one purpose: stirring up the nectar for my hummingbird feeder.