Thursday 16 April 2009

Rosa, Aged Two and Three Quarters

Rosa and her adoring family are in a cafe.

Rosa's Oldest Sister
Oh! Look Rosa!
A tiny doughnut
with my hot chocolate
Would you like it?

Vats not MY doughnut.

Rosa's Middle Sister
Here Rosa,
have my tiny doughnut.
It is just the right size for you.

Vats not MY doughnut.

Rosa's Cousin (MissM)
Do you want my yummy doughnut, Rosa?
Vats not MY doughnut.

Rosa's Aunt (MrsM)
Rosa, because you are special
you can have my doughnut.
Vats not MY doughnut.

At this point the coffee arrives for Rosa's Daddy.

Vats MY doughnut.

Rosa's Daddy sighs...


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love it.

Anonymous said...

She certainly knows her mind. (and has family members would around her little finger!)

Allison said...

tee hee--love the little ones extra extra much

Lynn said...

Gosh, it's too bad that little Rosa doesn't have any adoring fans...

M said...

Yes, that is the way of Daddies and their little girls.

eurolush said...

Vats one ADORABLE niece of yours.

Ali said...

I was explaining to Mark just yesterday, sometimes playing hard to get is the only way to go.

monica said...

guess who's the boss?

Unknown said...

And Daddy has a lot of years ahead of him to sigh at such things :o) That little girl will go far, she certainly knows her own mind

The Coffee Lady said...

How restrained she is! I can't imagine my children at that age turning any of them down.

blackbird said...

Rosa's very smart.
Vhere's my donut?

Gina said...


Unknown said...

Brilliant, I remember conversations like that.

vanessa said...

It's amazing how they know their own minds right from the start, isn't it?!
Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

dottycookie said...

How very restrained! Mine would have scoffed them all and looked for more.