Monday 20 April 2009

Snow in April

My Japanese cherry tree
is in full bloom.

The whiteness of the blossom
quite startling
against the Spring blue sky.

Little breezes create
petal flurries

and the grass beneath
is downy with April snow.


Anonymous said...

So pretty!

Lina said...

Just beautiful pictures Alice.

trash said...

'Member last year we really did have snow at Easter? (ok so I don't think Easter was April in 2008 but it was close!)

Anonymous said...

just gorgeous... the last photo is stunning!
have a good week!
ginny x

kristina said...

How beautiful! I keep meaning to take a picture of our cherry trees on the allotment, but I always end up at the plot without my camera. Our trees are dwarf varieties though, so nowhere near as amazing as yours. K x

Gina said...

What a stunning tree and amazing photographs.

Ali said...

Mine too and I could stand under it all day. Your last photo has an oil-painting quality about it - lovely.

Anonymous said...

Bright blue skies and white blossoms. Stunning.

eurolush said...

Beautiful! eyes!!! Too much loveliness!!!

PS-Go look at my post today...the eeriest similar photo in there to yours.

What does this mean???

Melody said...

Ooo I love your Japanese Cherry Tree. They are stunning pieces of nature, are they not?

Anonymous said...

Sakura time !

Lynn said...


(Are they fake, or what?)

Lucy@Attic24 said...

ahhhh I was out and about in the park yesterday admiring this very same thing, I just adore blossom.
We have a short avenue of bright pink cherry-blossom trees just up the road and I am waiting waiting for them to burst into flower (they flowered in early May last yr, so a week or two to go).
I mean, i do love the white blossom, but the rich pink does it for me more. Roll on May.
ps thanks for popping into the Attic Alice, and I am SO glad you are back too, I was worried about ya for a weeny while back there. xxx hugs xxx