Wednesday 5 March 2008


Dear Ladies,
Do Not Die until you have been to Avoca
I am going to try to give you a glimpse
of this Retail Heaven
but there is one small problem...
You are NOT ALLOWED to take photographs
and there is a VERY SCARY security guard.
So I will have to be creative
to give you the full Avoca experience.

After admiring the eye watering window display

you wander into an explosion of colour,
scarves, throws and shawls artfully displayed
on distressed French dressers and hat stands.

Which scarf to choose?
The agony!
The ectasy!
of being surrounded
by so many beautiful colours...
The green and grey wins - after much deliberation.

And then upstairs to the children's department
Who could resist the fairy dresses?
The kindly shop assistant
let me take a photograph for my little girl...

Up another flight of stairs to the friendliest of cafes
and delicious Roast Parsnip and Apple soup.

And then back down the creaky stairs,
all the way to the basement,
where the lucky people of Dublin
queue for their handmade bread
and Broccoli, Feta Cheese and Cherry Tomato salad.
The Smoked Chicken and Brie baguette
with Rocket and Roast Tomato chutney
did not survive long enough to be photographed
But the famous Fruit Scones did.

This post is dedicated to Kristina
without whose recommendation it would not have happened.
Kristina, a bottle of the infamous Salad Dressing awaits you...


Anonymous said...

is that a raison d'etre I spy in the top left hand corner of the last photo ?

Anonymous said...

the salad dressing allowed MrsM to have a double crack at the security at Dublin airport. Good test of the system and she had to take her boots and belt off twice.

Many thanks to Kristina, whom I have never met, for the Avoca recommendation. MrsM was very taken with BTs in Grafton St but Avoca was more suited to our budget and tastes.

Anonymous said...

The website is stunning. I can only imagine the shopping!

blackbird said...

This is where K's iPhone is handy.
I take it from him and pantomime a phone call and AM TAKING PICTURES THE WHOLE TIME.
You've done well, though.
Thank you.

dragonfly said...

Beautiful website, I had a nice browse!

tess said...

what a great recommendation! please no more photos of food, I'm hungry already!!!

Fairlie - said...

I love the idea of Blackbird's phone pantomime while secretly taking pictures!

Looks like a beautiful shop - and that soup...mmm-mmm

Allison said...

Wow-the little fairy tutus are such a fantasy! Hmmm . . I wonder if I am having a girl, since I have been so drawn to pink lately? Thanks for taking me on this lovely shopping trip!

Mary said...

I might be having a little temper tantrum here about the lack of an Avoca here in the mountains!

Ginnie said...

All so delectable. And the bread that is served with the soup - I'm swooning.

carrie said...

Wow. One could get lost in that place!

ginny said...

The thought of you taking sneaky photos makes me smile... i imagine your camera is of a discreet variety.

dottycookie said...

OK, that's it, I'm booking my flight. See you next month ;-)