Monday 17 March 2008


Hats are important - they complete your outfit.

I bring you
The Spring 08 Collection

This is Traditional Irish

Here we see a magical theme - London Irish meets Harry Potter.

A family outing for the dressing up box?

This is Brother Peter of The Order of the Odd Shaped Ball and his hoodie

There is a good ecclesiastical look going on here

Wigs are IN this year

with hats,

with hats and beards,

or just by themselves.

I just had a woolly hat to keep my head warm
I must try harder next year.


tess said...

those are some pretty impressive hats! well if you start now you'll have a whole year to design yours!

Mary said...

No dear - you just leave the crazy hats to the crazy people!

Ali said...

You've got to love those bearded ladies!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I'm sure you were a beacon of sophistication in amongst all the lunacy. x

blackbird said...

I hope you will keep us posted on Ascot as well...

Anonymous said...

Me, Me!! I'm one of those crazy people!! LOL! (In reference to Bluemountainsmary's comment!) Thanks for the post Alice....makes me proud! *sniff, sniff*

Anonymous said...

A hat and a guinness. That'll keep you warm!

Ginnie said...

Ah, me! So much creativity in one place. And next year, MrsM, we want to see you with your hat in the picture collection.

Poppy B. said...

And here I was thinking that people in Chicago were out of control.

I guess you're much, much closer to the Olde Sod, which might explain it. Also, your people look drunker.