Thursday 27 March 2008

Missing You!

I miss the Lovely MissE.

I know that she is having a wonderful time
scuba diving with her friends in Australia
but I still miss her sweet smile and infectious enthusiasm.

She gave me this gorgeous mirror for Christmas;
every time I use it I think of her on the coral reefs
and send her my love.


BreadBox said...

I do hope that she is having a wonderful time (and keeping up her blogging so that MasterM can keep up with where she is!)

Is she gone for the standard gap year (one half a solar year, or 0.6 of the new metric years)?


tess said...

I hope too that she is having a wonderful time, it is a really gorgeous mirror!

Mary said...

You are a lovely er mother of the son who goes out with the lovely MissE

blackbird said...

What mary said.

That's a very glamorous mirror.

. said...

I hope she's having fun, and I double hope MasterM is coping well without her too!

Anonymous said...

I am missing my girl until it hurts. I feel so selfish for doing it though, because I know how very fortunate she is to have this opportunity and how much she wanted it for herself.

You can only wait until they come home to you.

dottycookie said...

And as you can see, tinydotty (.) has struck again ... Sorry about that!