Tuesday 11 March 2008


I have been too busy
to think much about Heaven recently

but I realise now that the lunch buffet
will look something like this:

I will sit at a long white table
in a comfortable white chair
(with plenty of room for my large white wings)
and when the waitress angel comes to take my order

I will say
"Oh...just the beef
with a stuffed pepper and the couscous salad"

and she will say
"Would you like a selection of breads?"
and I will adjust my long white flowing robe and say
"Oh...yes PLEASE!!"

The advantage of this Ottotlenghi branch
will be the unlimited ability to eat cake.
There are no calories in Heaven.

It is almost worth being good.
In fact, I think I might turn over a new leaf today.

Of course, any meal in any restaurant
is only as fun as the company that you sit with.
I was lucky enough to be with Ali and Kristina
who are the best company you could wish for.
Kristina was taking us to Loop and she had 15% off
so really, we were just building up our strength...

This post is written for Dell, a gifted teacher, who loves Ottolenghi too.


dragonfly said...

Ottolenghi is just fabulous isn't it? As I said to Ali, I could just sit in there all day and look at the food. Even their take-away is presented in a wonderful little box with wooden cutlery.
What a lovely treat! What did you buy in Loop? I may venture over that way on Sunday after the CL Fair...

tess said...

heavenly indeed!

Ali said...

I was beginning to think I had mentally exaggerated how lovely it was, but now I see that I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Cruel and taunting photos for those thousands od kilometres away!

Anonymous said...

I never thought about heaven being calorie free ... but it is a lovely thought. These photos are marvellous. I will send a link from the restaurant to my daughter-in-law living in Bury St. Edmunds. (The info on Betjeman and St. Pancras is much appreciated).

Tracy said...

Sooooo delicious... ((HUGS))

. said...

Yuuuuum! I thought the cafe we went to this weekend was good but it was nothing special in comparison!

And anyway, meringues are healthfood, especially with raspberries. At least, I thought that's what the WeightWatchers lady said. Maybe that was my mistake ...

dottycookie said...

(So as usual, tiny dot lady is me. That'll teach me to use work lunchtimes for browsing)

blackbird said...

Don't you ever just have a ham sandwich at home in front of the telly?

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I hope they give you a free meal for doing such magnificient food photography...That sounds like a lovely day out. x

Ginnie said...

Oh, yum! The picture of the desserts made me laugh, as it reminded me of my lunch out today with two friends. The waiter came by holding high a tray of ice cream concoctions. Turns out they were all fake - just to show the patrons what we could order. Do you think someone dusts them every night after the restaurant closes?

Ginnie said...

Oh - just looked at the Ottotlenghi website. It looks fantastic. (I should finish looking before I start leaving comments.) And lucky you to be in such wonderful company!

carrie said...

Raspberry merenguines? What could possibly be more heavenly than that?

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, how mouth wateringly good that all looks and how unappetising cheese sandwich next to my keyboard now looks....

Ali Honey said...

Gosh that looks good enough to eat!