Sunday 9 March 2008

Shopping with MrM

MrM is not into Retail Therapy.
His birthday treat to me was to walk around the shops of Dublin
and attempt to look interested.

He smiled wanly when shown shoes
and agreed in a mystified way that
Thinning Hair Must be Miserable.

I really appreciated this
because he would normally bite off his right arm
rather than waste time looking at clothes.
He was doing it because he wanted me to be happy.

I realised that he was a bit out of his depth
in the Kitchen Department of Brown Thomas
when he said in awed tones
"What IS it?"
(It's an ironing board, MrM)

So we hurried along to a nearby bookshop
for Rest and Recuperation.

And then checked out the opportunities
for buying keyrings with grass in.
MrM was impressed.

When he had recovered from the stresses
of the modern Retail Environment
we went to The Silver Shop in the Powerscourt Centre
to choose my birthday present.

Luckily, I saw what I wanted immediately.

Thank you MrM


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a lovley day, and I love your newest shiny thing.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a purchaser of very good taste!

What a lovely gift.

dottycookie said...

Awwww, he's a keeper (as if you didn't already know). Could your trip have been any lovelier?

Anonymous said...

Oh Alice it is beautiful!
Willow House

tess said...

it's very lovely! what a lovely present to bring back from a great trip! and the ironing board would have been harder to bring back home.....

Anonymous said...

MrM would like to point out that whilst he is fully acquainted with the ironing board (both theory and practical, albeit not necessarily summa cum laude) but he has never seen such a fancy bit of kit before. I understand that it was a steam press contraption with which I was confronted for the record.

blackbird said...

Poor Mr. M.
Good work, Mr. M.

I've gone that route. Poor K sitting in Anthro whilst I model several/many ridiculous dresses.

They are good sports - and you made out well, your gift is beautiful.

carrie said...

It's gorgeous!

Ali said...

Aha - I noticed that today, but didn't realize its significance. A beautiful choice for sure.

Lina said...

What a lovely way to end your trip! It's beautful. Well done Mr M.

Mary said...

J would love those keyrings.

I just love the bangle!

Joanne said...

The bangle is beautiful. What a fantastic way to spend a birthday, and shiny trinkets at the end of it all...

Annie B said...

Nice bangle - you've taken me back to the early 90s when I worked in Dublin for two years - what a lovely city

(Happy Birthday by the way)

Anonymous said...

MrsM will be the torque of the town at this rate and MrM is clearly working hard on his irony

Garden Girl said...

thankyou for your tour around Dublin- it bought back memories of our honeymoon 3 and a bit years ago! Its such a lovely place (as is Brown Thomas!) Lovely birthday present too.x

Ginnie said...

Beautiful birthday present! And aren't you lucky to have such a special husband!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

What a beautiful gift. I love that it is makes something so much more special knowing that it has already been around and had it's own life before you.I can imagine it would make a girl's wrist look quite lovely. Lucky you and bless Mr M for being so divine and for lurking so patiently around that pole in the kitchen shop. Which reminds me that I do love seeing men sitting on chairs outside women's changing rooms (only ones that are with someone though...not just random changing room perves!)...there's something about how very uncomfortable they look that makes them completely dear for doing it anyway.