Friday 26 September 2008

A Night on the Town

How long have I known Tracey...
is it only a year or is it forever?

How well do I know Tracey...
I know about her husband and her children
and her home and her beautiful quilting.
That is quite a lot!
She tells me about her sisters and her parents too.
She has had a pretty difficult year
and she has shared some of that
just as you would expect with a good friend.

And in turn she knows about my husband and my children.
She has introduced me to some wonderful people
and encouraged me when I lose my way.
She knows me pretty well, I think.

The only thing that we haven't done is meet
because she lives in Townsville, Australia
and I live on the other side of the world.

That all changed last night.

Last night MrM and I went out with Tracey.
We met her lovely husband Peter
and the adorable Ashleigh.
We had such fun with these people
we have known forever but have only just met.

It was over too quickly
and the only evidence is
a beautiful bunch of roses on my dressing table.
Thank you so much Tracey...
speak to you soon


Anonymous said...

I am jealous! BTW the roses are lovley :) I read her post this afternoon and it sounded so fun.

blackbird said...

You lucky women -
how, I wonder, can I get you BOTH to Tuvalu?

Ali Honey said...

That's just great news. I read her blog too and enjoy their lovely family. So that is a happy out come for you all.

M said...

There have been quite a few blogmeets in the blogiverse lately. All of these bring to the foreground how fabulous the blogging community is.

Thanks for visiting EasternMax. It was my pleasure to organise Mary's surprise box and even more of a pleasure to see her face when we gave it to her!

Melody said...

Oh how I love the world of blogging!! Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Ali said...

The miles don't really matter, but it's lovely when there aren't any.

dragonfly said...

I'm jealous too!

Gina said...

How wonderful - miles don't matter when you find a kindred spirit.

Unknown said...

meeting other bloggers is just great!

Suse said...

How lovely that you two met. I feel as though the circles of blogging (you have a courtyard with a window, I have circles) are drawing ever closer and overlapping more and more.


Fairlie - said...

Sounds like a lovely blogmeet - and three times the value too...blogger, husband AND daughter.

Mary said...

The only thing that keeps me from vomiting with Jealousy is that I have met Tracey too and remain very hopeful that you and I will having a wine in Gordon's some time next year!!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely, and what a lovely tribute.