Monday 29 September 2008

on the opacity of light

on this morning of autumn
a white mist.

not the fine gauze of summer
that, lifting, reveals the bright day;
but a felted opaqueness,
layer upon layer of soft, fibrous air

fold, cling, drape,

loose threads drifting.

in this muffled world a heron wings by.
slow, scissored strokes.


Attic24 said...

Beautiful words to match a beautiful time of year.
I too have been loving the misty mornings, even though I am still optimistically calling this time of year "Late Summer", I might be almost ready to accept Autumn is here.

Ali said...

'felted'. You captured it for me in that one word.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture with lovley words too! I can't believe it is almost October.

Anonymous said...

This looks so much like what I see each morning out in the fields around the village.

What a beautiful description, Alice...

Unknown said...

the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - your words and pictures sum it up perfectly

Lynn said...

Stunning, Alice. When is your book of photos (complete with evocative descriptions) coming out, anyway? I would like an autographed copy, please. (P.S. Herons are one of my favorite animals. My sister calls them Magic Birds.)

kristina said...

Beautiful. K x

Anonymous said...

Oh to be as poetic as you, Alice - I'd prbably just look out of the window and go 'brrrrr'! Definately need to stay blogless for while longer!

Ali Honey said...

Ah, Yes.

Mary said...

And how is your writing coming along?

Actually I can answer that.