Thursday 25 September 2008

School Photograph

MissM describes it to me:

It was such a lovely day.

We all went to the great lawn
and everyone was laughing and chatting.
They arranged us in height order and
I wasn't the smallest in the year - Yay!

We were in our uniforms, of course,
and the teachers were wearing their robes
and it was so colourful and picturesque.
Then we climbed onto the scaffolding stand
with the Cathedral in the background.
It seemed to take forever to organise.

We were facing the Staff Common Room door
and it was so funny because right at the last moment
a teacher ran across the lawn at top speed...
he was late!
We all cheered - he must have been so embarrassed.

The photographer said that he had to wait
for some cloud cover because he didn't want bright sunlight.
I was right at the end of the row
but I suddenly felt part of the school
and I really loved that feeling.

And then it was all over
and everyone was climbing down
and walking away across the great lawn.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so wonderful! She sounds very happy :)

blackbird said...

I was always the smallest - and though some might not like that, I did.

Mary said...

She DOES sound very happy and as if she is building some wonderful memories.

Ali said...

Sounds like Miss M is developing your skill for noticing and capturing, Alice.

JuliaB said...

Gosh .. i remember events like that dressed up in Sunday best. Seems like so long ago now, but some things never change I guess!! x

Anonymous said...

Ah, happy days. I remember the one occasion we had a whole school photograph, one girl at the end of a row ran round the back of the stand as the camera slowly scanned the gathered throng, and joined the row at the other end. And lo and behold, the photograph showed her in two places.

Sharyn said...

I had to wait until my last year at high school before I wasn't the shortest and on the end of the row.

A lovely story.

dragonfly said...

How lovely to hear her enthusiasm. The response I've always to the question of having his school photo taken from No2 is 'yeah...'

Anonymous said...

MissM is a smart cookie in all respects

Allison said...

Wonderful sentiments from MissM. She is a smart cookie. I wonder if she could pick one, which would she be? Oh, and lucky for me, I have been so silly-busy that I had not had time to change over to your new blog. Glad to have you back, although I guess we never really lost you!