Wednesday 8 August 2007

Ballycurrin Lighthouse

On the shores of Lough Corrib in Co. Mayo there is a lighthouse.

It was built over 200 years ago to shine a light on the waters
and guide a little boat back from the pub
on the other side of the lake.

It is not a big lighthouse
but I often think of the wife who organised the building of it
so that her husband would be safe on a dark night.

I wish that I could build a lighthouse
to bring my son safely home
from Australia.


Anonymous said...

A lovely thought. I would do the same for my son in Mexico.

alice c said...

Thanks kmkat for your thoughtful comments. It is difficult learning to let go - is it not?

Anonymous said...

I cannot even imagine. Will he be gone long? Sending supportive thoughts your way! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place...and a lovely sentiment too. But the heart, hearth and home are like lighthouses...following those home is always found ((HUGS)) :o)

Anonymous said...

cheer up Alice, I've nominated you for an award! Check out