Tuesday 28 August 2007

Penne d'Agenais

This post is for our lovely friends, Glen and Mary.

Go up the hill, through the narrow streets
and walk under the archway.
There, in a shady courtyard, is

The seats have downy pillows to sink into
and everything is chosen to please the eye.

Would you prefer

braised lamb shanks,
perfectly cooked steaks,
or little parcels of chicken and wild mushrooms?

Remember to leave room for Rose Glace...

Or le fromage?

(that's for you, bb)

And now, little glasses of the strongest coffee.

Time to sit and enjoy the moment.

Hold onto this memory
because it will keep you warm
on a cold January morning.


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dottycookie said...

Oh yum. I've already had dinner but could surely find room for a little morsel of cheese.