Wednesday 1 August 2007

The Dress

This is The Dress.

It is the Dress that had to be searched for.

It fits like a dream and makes the wearer look fabulous.

It is MissM's Dress.

And these are The Shoes.

At least my children have something to wear to the wedding.


blackbird said...

It's gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful. That first picture is amazing!!

alice c said...

Thanks Angie - that's kind of you -the reason I chose the pictures with the shadow is because the colour of the dress is true. I also took some without shadow and the black is very dull, almost grey. You can see what I mean in the picture of the shoes. I am not sure what the technical answer is but as I haven't go the time to fiddle with Photoshop the pics have to come straight out of the camera!

dottycookie said...

The dress is indeed lovely - but oh, the shoes. The *shoes*! Dream shoes or what? (Can you tell I really like them?)