Tuesday 31 July 2007

There is much to be done...

the mother of the Lovely MissE
is coming to supper.

The only thing between me
and the delightful, welcoming house
that she will enter this evening


hours of hard work.

I would rather be lying on the sofa
eating cherries
and checking out my favourite blogs.

writes of a wonderful life
beachcombing and flying kites
with her little girl,Margaret.
It sounds idyllic.

Third Times A Charm
is much closer to my own experience
because she has boys that need patching up
and she cooks chicken nuggets occasionally.
fascinates me.
This is a world where 8 year old girls drive Ford pickups
and working with Daddy means steer wrangling.

Uncommon Grace
writes movingly of her struggle with depression
but takes pictures of her children
that make your heart sing.

Toddler Planet
reminds me of how precious every moment is
as she battles heroically against breast cancer.
I am astonished by her courage.
Please visit her website
to learn about inflammatory breast cancer.

has two little girls just starting ballet classes.
If only I could wind the clock back
to the day when MissM chose her best dress
and put on her little red shoes...

Send me calming vibes...
MasterM is so anxious to impress
that he is scurrying around like a house-elf.
Note to self: Must have Mother of MissE to supper more often


carrie said...

You're making me blush!!

Come visit when you can, and enjoy your guest. I'm sure she'll feel very, very welcome in your home!


Anonymous said...

Have a great time visting...And you've a lovely list of lovely blog friends here! Happy Day! :o)

dottycookie said...

Oh, my, best of luck both for the getting ready and for the big visit.

And thank you for mentioning my blog. Ballet classes are on a summer break, but the dancing continues. Someone who went to the end of term show but sat further back than I did said the little ones looked naked in their flesh coloured leotards and tiger heads. Oh dear.

I'm off to visit some of the other places you mention now ...

Anonymous said...

You'll do fine Alice! Sending lots of encouraging thoughts your way! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely list. Thank you for including me.

alice c said...

Dear Ladies,
I had the strangest experience tonight. I was taking my lasagne out of the oven and I suddenly thought there are some other people in the world who care a little bit about whether this lasagne is ok.(which it was) and that made me smile. Now I am still quite new to Blogland and so I was really surprised to find how much that meant to me.
Thank you for your kind messages - your vibes definitely crept down the wires - we had a very jolly evening and MasterM sat there with a smile from ear to ear.

Alice said...

oooh, what a nerve wracking thing to have the mother's visit!
glad it went well....