Thursday 26 July 2007

Silly Shadows

I love this photo.

It was taken with much laughter
by me
while MissM held her new dangly earrings.

I complained that they were moving
and she complained that her arm was probably going to drop off.

When I looked at the photo there was the shadow.
I said 'Look, look, there is a shadow of a rabbit on the wall!'
MissM said 'I know, I did it deliberately.'
She has to be very patient because I can be slow on the uptake sometimes.

It exactly captures what I try to do with photos for this blog.
They are immediate because they are memories.
I snap rather than pose.
I hope they are lighthearted.

p.s. she can also do wolves, swans, eagles and The Taj Mahal.
Well, maybe I made up the bit about Taj Mahal
but you never know
because my daughter is

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